The Building

the building

From the XVI century to the XXI century

The first written reference of the farmhouse is in a census document from 1545. The place is popularly known as Can Canal or Mas Canal, which is the surname of the family that lived here. Built during the XVI century and extended in the following centuries, the building has been recently refurbished by the acclaimed architects Santiago Roqueta and Pilar Cos, in a delicate process that combines tradition and modernity. The light, the stone walls and the latest technologies are combined to provide maximum comfort to our guests.




Upper living room

We know that when it is cold outside, what feels better is to sit on a sofa and enjoy a good book with a tasty cup of coffee or to play board games with friends or family. That is why we equipped one of the rooms upstairs with sofas and a library so that you can come here to relax after a day full of activities.

The kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any house, and our kitchen is one of the most striking areas of the building. It has a beautiful fireplace that we light in Winter and an original solid wood table almost four meters long completely restored. The kitchen is not only where cooking takes place, but it is also the room where the breakfast buffet is located and where the coffee breaks are served during business meetings. In this space, you will enjoy local and organic products delicately prepared by our chef.

The coworking

Paratgea is also a space to work, and therefore we equipped one of the rooms on the top floor with desks and comfortable chairs to help you work during your business or leisure trips and take advantage of the boost in productivity that this natural space provides. Like in all the spaces of the house, the coworking space has free WIFI. We also have additional screens available for our clients. You can book your desk in the coworking free of charge when staying in Paratgea or separately if you are not hosted here.

The hall

It is the central space of the ground floor, and it has easy access from all the rooms. It was built in 1842 and its arched roof made of ceramic pieces is majestic. Here we have an honesty bar, where you can serve yourself an organic juice or craft beer produced nearby. The hall is not only a place to access the other rooms or to relax but it can also be completely transformed and host a celebratory meal when needed.




The era

As it is common in the indigenous architecture of this area, in the south side of the house we can find the Era, a flat area where those rural activities that needed large spaces were located, such as separating the grain from the straw. Nowadays, this area is an outdoor space where you can drink vermouth or a cocktail while enjoying a beautiful sunset. On one side of the Era, there is a cosy chill-out, widely popular among our customers in winter and summer evenings.

Swimming pool

This is the most popular space of the resort in summer. It is separated from the house, to ensure calm and tranquillity to the other guests. Here you can swim while enjoying the nature that surrounds us. The swimming pool has a shallow area for children and various loungers where to relax and sunbathe.

The meadow and the olive trees

Next to the swimming pool and on one side of the small valley where the farmhouse is located, the old meadow for grazing is nowadays a field full of flowers in spring where children can play or where to mount a tent for celebrations or weddings. On one of its sides, we planted a row of olive trees that are starting to have olives and that offer you shade and a space to relax.

The chicken

As in any farmhouse, animals could not be absent in our cottage. We have six laying hens and a cock that delight our youngest visitors, who often come with us to feed them. They give us eggs and they eat some of the food waste that the kitchen generates. They help us to close the food cycle. When the weather is nice, do not be surprised if you encounter them walking on the meadow. Do not worry about the crowing of the cock, it lives far from the rooms, and it will not wake you up at midnight.

The orchard

The orchard is the heart of the food production of the house. It offers us what is more adequate in each season. Tomatoes, zucchini, beans, peppers, etc. grow each year from this soil. Depending on the season when you visit us, you will taste some of the products that the orchard produces or enjoy its colours and smell. We also have some fruit trees that produce delicious loquats o plums.

The forest

The cottage is surrounded by a beautiful oak forest that has an extension of 47 acres that you can discover by foot or on a bike. Various excursions start here and can help you to explore the Montnegre and Corredor Natural Park or enjoy iconic landmarks like Can Bordoi or La Torrassa. If you are travelling with children, there are shorter and flatter trials where they can discover a chestnut forest or observe the animals that inhabit it.