Sustainability is one of the central pillars of Paratgea and this is an ecologic resort in every aspect. Paratgea combines ideas of respect for the environment, sustainability, preference for local products and self-sufficiency.


All the rooms and indoor spaces are heated using a biomass boiler that burns wood from nearby forests. Sustainable management of our forests provides us with biomass while preventing fires and providing habitat for native animals and plants. The heat that the boiler produces is combined with the water heated by solar panels.
In Paratgea we also produce electricity. The house has over 70 solar PV panels that are connected to the electricity grid. That was the reason why we received a Eurosolar prize (Spanish section) in 2002. Our commitment to reducing our environmental impact started more than 20 years ago.


All water consumed in the resort is obtained nearby. Part of it is obtained from our forest and collected using a well and the other part is collected from the rain. Both types of water are mixed and purified using the most advanced and secure processes.


Once used, water is treated using natural filters and two Phyto depuration ponds, located in one corner of the property. Through that process, we give back water to our forest and we help to close the water cycle. In addition, these ponds attract thousands of animals that help pollinate the flowers and fruit trees in the area.

Food and other products

The food cooked in our kitchen is mostly organic and/or produced locally, which helps to promote local businesses and contributes to reducing our environmental impact. For example, the cheese is produced less than 10km away from Paratgea, and we offer locally produced craft beer. All the products available in the bathrooms are organic and are packed in recycled plastic.